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Happy Sunday!!!


Qualche giorno fa sono stata a fare shopping per la prossima stagione, naturalmente da H&M, approfittando degli ultimi imperdibili sconti. 
Ho comprato un maglione lavorato in beige e una collana con dettagli crystal e giallo fluo che ho cercato disperatamente per mesi e mesi senza trovarla e finalmente adesso è mia! Inoltre girovagando nella sezione Uomini insieme al mio ragazzo, ho trovato questa splendida felpa blu e l’ho comprata! J Vi consiglio di fare sempre un giro nella sezione Uomini, perché si trovano capi davvero interessanti e imperdibili!

A few days ago I went to do shopping for the next season, of course from H&M, taking advantage of the last unmissable discounts.                                                                    
I bought a knitted sweater in beige and a necklace with crystal and yellow fluo details. I have searched desperately for months without finding this beautifl necklace and finally now it's mine! Also in the Men Section I found this beautiful blue sweatshirt and I bought it! J I recommend you to buy in the Men’s Section, because you can find a lot of items very interesting! 

Jeffrey Campbell studded sneakers

Le Jeffrey Campbell sono introvabili in Italia, o almeno così sembrava fin quando, grazie a qualche contatto nel mondo della moda, ho trovato la email a cui scrivere per avere informazioni su dove acquistare le Jeffrey. La email è la seguente:
Buon JC a tutte!

P.S.: Le sneakers borchiate JC potete acquistarle online qui. 


Essential accessory for next season: the necklace. Importantly, precious and multicoloured. Continue the passion for necklaces, my favorites on MINUSEY.COM
P.S.: Bracelets of education tomorrow ...You are connected! :)

Star accessory for next season: the necklace. Bigger, precious and multicoloured. Passion for education series continues ...My fav statement necklace on MINUSEY.COM
P.S.: Bracelets of education tomorrow ...Stay tuned! :)

Breathing life into your calendar: how-to

For many users, the calendar is a brilliant application for scheduling dates, events and deadlines. It's just like a physical calendar in that it provides an easy way to organize a busy lifestyle geek. Although, unlike its physical counterpart, the calendar application has some small tricks that can improve your productivity, and help to organize your hectic schedule or just breathe new life into an otherwise boring and repetitive schedule.

Events Quick

If you need to schedule a date in your calendar on-the-fly, calendar now supports text only ' Quick ' events.

Just press the ' + ' button in the upper-left corner and type out your event, in the same way that you would speak of it. Press enter and you will recall the event calendar for you immediately. Easy.

Multiple calendars

With the calendar you are able to order all your events and schedules in a multi-layer system. For example, you can choose to separate your calendar at home, work and school. These can be labeled by colour, helping to refine your program and more importantly ensuring a balance of work, rest and play.

To do this, select File > new calendar and add a name.

The list of calendars can be viewed in the sidebar by clicking on the calendar at the top left.

To label different color calendars, right-click the calendar that you want, and select get info, and then select a new color from the drop-down menu. A colorful calendar is a calendar friendly!


If you have heaps of friends you can keep up to date with their birthdays. Instead of adding their birthdays in the calendar application as you would with another event, add birthdays in your address book.

In contacts, select the person and add their birth date below the drop-down menu. Calendar will be automagically imported quite a small calendar reminders for the date and include the age of that person.


You can subscribe to external calendars if yours is empty. There are many different uses for this sort of thing as TV schedules, holidays, corporate events, work shifts and sports programmes. What makes great and useful subscriptions is that they are constantly updated on all changes made by the creator. Think of them as the RSS calendars.

To do this, select File > new calendar subscriptions and enter the URL path of the desired calendar, usually a file with .ICS extension.

Press Subscribe and fill in the information on your calendar as its name, color, label warnings, attachments and auto-refresh interval.

Click ok and your calendar very neatly integrates your own personal program. As changes are made to automagically programme will ensure that it is always up to date

There are some services that provide calendars you can choose to subscribe-
Apple's Calendars, Calendarlabs, next episode, Pog calendars Design

Find subscriptions describes a useful way to keep up to date with all the TV they consume. Using the next episode, put together a feed of calendar showing different exact dates are available. Get a nice reminder every now and then which is available to watch Breaking Bad or Doctor Who. No effort required.


As soon as you subscribe to external calendars, you can publish your own calendar that others will be able to subscribe. This allows you to deploy a specific program that you can adjust and host for their friends.

To do this, choose File > export, and choose a name and location for your calendar.

Add this calendar to your web server or storage and share it with your friends, family and colleagues who can subscribe and view the planning yourself.

These are some different tricks and hidden features in the calendar application which will allow you to try new things with your personal program. Now there's no excuse for a calendar repulsively ugly and boring.

About the author

Phill Fashions is a photographer from Sydney. He is a creative guy, writer and pop culture enthusiast currently completing his HSC. In the future, Phill strives to become a journalist of sorts and contribute back to the community of technology. - /phillfarrugia

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Apple to hold two separate iPhone and iPad mini events?

Jim Dalrymple, famous journalist from The Apple Loops sent a message that surrounds the events of Mini iPhone and iPad.

From the message, it seems that Dalrymple is suggesting that Apple will perform two separate events media, one for the iPhone and one for the mini iPad.

The message came after John Gruber of Daring Fireball gave his opinion on Sharing Space around the event September 12, rumoured to mean bringing Dalrymple, Oh that Gruber is a smart fellow.

But more I think about it, the less sense it makes to the iPhone even sharing the stage at the ad with any other product. The iPhone is too big, too cold and barns too much attention and it's in Apple's interest in keeping the undiluted attention. I m thinking it makes more sense for Apple to hold two events, Gruber said.

Gruber's thinking stems from Apple, saturating the market with its hype products, with the media and public attention on the upcoming iPhone which includes news, reviews and guide guides in the weeks following his announcement and press release, Apple would be smart to roll out its public attention in October with the iPad mini.

First, an iPhone event focused exclusively on the new iPhone and iOS 6. Then, the iPhone ships nine days later and there's another wave of attention focused iPhone how come the reviews. Then, in the first or second week of October, Apple holds a traditional music event, exactly along the lines of the events to which they've been debuting new iPod over the last decade. An event where the iPad Air, new iPod Touch iPod and maybe even new or updated at least music player (heh) share the stage, linked together with the theme of the consumption of iTunes media content that I can buy. An event where the iPhone shares the stage? That I m not buy, Gruber wrote.

When it was first reported that Apple will hold a media event rumored iPhone 5 on 12 September, Dalrymple responded with a yep.

@ lianapappas

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Episode 222 | Evil Genius

Samsung Win! Wait, no. ..

The bet

In the meantime ...
Samsung store opening near the Apple store in Sydney


Two events?

Facebook App doesn't suck

EP by Keynote

Evil Genius

More on Twitter

A cautionary tale


iType writer


David-Digg v1

Ben Grubb-Grindr

Ben Grubb-tax receipt Register

Anthony-Hello Cupcake

And a bonus: thread the trumpet

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Monday morning news

The Samsung vs Apple patent trial came to a close, and the final decision is about how do we get: Samsung were found to infringe on many of Apple's patents, including all Apple software patents, patents, as well as commercial as Apple's iPhone and iPhone 3 g. Even worse (for Samsung) is as the jury found that none of the devices Apple has infringed on Samsung's patents and now Samsung has Apple just over 1 billion dollars. Nilay Patel from The Verge breaks the decision and tells us what it really means to the smartphone ecosystem as a whole.

TUAW has a nice summary of patents, what they mean, and how did the jury. Two things stand out: how many Samsung devices there are actually, and of those, how many devices were actually involved in experimentation.

Apple and Samsung have released press statements after the verdict was handed down. Apple's statement is simple: Samsung copied them, and they got what was coming. Samsung, however, takes a different approach, saying that "today's verdict should not be seen as a victory for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer."

Apparently not satisfied by simply copying Apple products, Samsung has decided to copy their retail stores, too: and right in our back yard! Samsung new retail store in Sydney looks suspiciously similar to our favorite fruit stand, right down to the blue shirts.

The iPad smaller which is on everyone's lips will reportedly called mini iPad, according to the Japanese blog Macotakara. The same blog also believes that the new iPod nano will be offering free Wi-Fi in order to support iTunes in the Cloud.

Different sources have pointed out that most likely the next iPad will debut at an event in September * but not the event announcing the next iPhone, which has not been officially announced by Apple, but it should happen on 12 September. Instead, the iPad will have its own announcement event, now that is said to happen in October.

Apple Vice President of Internet Software and services spoke regarding the Apple TV. If you're looking for a spare TV anytime soon, don't wait for Apple to release one: according to Eddy Cue, "an Apple TV appears extremely unlikely in the short term".

Mountain Lion battery life has been hit and Miss, but the 10.8.1 update was supposed that all difficulties. He did it? The Mac Observer suspect, putting together a nice battery life comparison on Lion, mountain lion, and the recently released update 10.8.1.

By the way, the second update of mountain lion was seeded to developers at the end of last week, and is the first to include integration with Facebook. AppleInsider has a look at this Facebook integration, which consists mainly of a Facebook option in the share menu all the operating system.

After the verdict was handed down, Tim Cook Apple addressed employees, echoing the same sentiments as the original press release. Is a cross-section of company culture that is Apple; be proud of the work I do and value things such as originality and innovation.

MacStories reviews 2 things with Cloud sync. 2 things for Mac and iOS is a version that isn't a huge change for general things GTD methodology, but there are a few nice changes through both applications, little touches here and there.

Evernote has teamed up with Moleskine to create physical notebook with a digital flavour: their Smart Notebook has just announced the couples notes analog digital world. And if you want to know more about Evernote, you should read excellent article James ' (and associated with Jared rebuttal).

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Because I still have not moved to mountain lion ...

Traditionally, I've always been an early adopter. As soon as new updates were available, within hours, were installed on my computer. Today I am still happily running OS Lion and I see no reason to update to mountain lion in the near future. So why is my response to mountain lion (ML) was different for Snow Leopard and Lion (and before Leopard and Tiger)? Not that I think that the lion is the last operating system and I don t have problems with ML, but for me, it's a balancing act between benefits and risks of upgrading.

What appeals to me in mountain lion

Despite ML over 200 new features listed, I suspect, like many others, there is a limited number of features out that 200 that tempt me to upgrade.

For me, the standout new feature is the ability to automatically back up more than 1 in time machine. Being paranoid about backups means that shuffled between 3 backup on my desk (plus a cloud service for important data) and an additional offsite backup. Having ML alternate between backups automatically like a lot to me and it is worth the paltry update fee $ 20.99 per se.

Similarly, ML's growing convergence between appeals OS and iOs. On the other hand, not being a social media junkie, nothing to do with Facebook or Twitter doesn't mean much to me. There is also a number of other features that I think I do not force users to pass.

Despite the low cost of upgrading all my Mac to ML and the undoubted appeal to some of the new features, because I'm still using Lion?

I dislike going to ML

Your hands if the moves of Snow Leopard and Lion were seamless transitions. So that's three of you. The rest of you can remember:

  • hardware compatibility problems. Remember that the driver for my wireless modem is not updated for long periods and having to put together some weird patch to connect to the internet. Sorting out what was happening she took too long and I was offline until I worked around the problem;

  • bug that meant that "just worked" previously, is no longer "just work". While updates are issued reasonably quickly, once again, too much time was consumed by me working out what was going on and trying to fix hadn't broken;

  • the time spent running a fresh installation. While Apple seems to do it better than anyone else, doing updates over a number of machines is that require time and a distraction to do the things you want to do; and

  • third-party programs do not work properly (if at all) to long (ish) periods of time. While the Apple software is ready for the latest iteration of the operating system before it is released, there are software companies for those who say the most recent update of the operating system is not a priority. As a consultant, I rely on Mindjet to collect all my thoughts and plan what will I do and when I'll do it (more on this program at a different time). If I was able to access files that I created with this program, I am in trouble. There is now updated software Mindmanager that ML compatible but I want to know that is stable before you even consider a move. When it came to rely on programs like Mindmanager for your work and will not run on your machine "updated", a spare machine, running the old software, may be the best option (or only).

A quick review of Mac OS sub forum suggests that at least some users are having similar problems in their update for ML that I faced in upgrading to Snow Leopard and Lion.

Therefore, beyond the frustrations of previous updates, there is one more reason why I am reluctant to change. In a family of 5, we have several Mac-some relatively new and some not so new. I'm running Leo but 2 are incompatible with ML. Despite these 2 age machines work well to what I'm used to and there is no compelling case for updating. As the official support desk for all machines at home, having all look and work the same (well apart from some of the gestures) just makes my life easier.

The lion will run until my dying day?

As they gathered, my problem is not with ML, is the upgrade experience-especially with hardware and third-party software. At some point, I'll bite the bullet and upgrade to ML and the timing of any move will be influenced by:

  • enough time, after spending for all major bugs be identified and addressed;

  • sufficient willingness to time after passing for hardware vendors and third party software to support ML. Additional time will be required for their inevitable bugs to be identified and addressed;

  • old Macs in our House might need to be replaced – thus eliminating the issues around maintaining several generations of OS; and

  • the inverse of the current situation will arise at the end and earlier versions of the operating system will not be as actively supported by third-party vendors.


For all my quibbles, I'm sure ML is a OS better than Lion and $ 20.99 looks great value. It's just that for me, at this moment, the Lion is a mature and stable system that handles everything I want. The effort and risk associated with upgrading to ML exceed marginal benefits that I currently offers.

About the author

Damon Clarke is old enough to remember punch cards still young enough to be the help desk for a family of young experts TEC. He operates a leading Consulting, a Melbourne-based business consultancy and has a strong interest in developing technologies and their impact on society and the environment. He can be contacted at

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Review: bumpy road

Sometimes, the iOS games are about telling a story through the puzzle-solving gameplay. Other times, I'm high score arcade-style games that make you come back again and again, just so they can top that chart so the past few hours/days/weeks there were a complete waste of time.

Make no mistake, Bumpy Road is a game that makes you chase a high score. Do so by collecting gadgets in each mode of two game, but the way of working the gizmo is different depending on the game mode you are playing.

In Evergreen, your goal is to collect as many gadgets as can stop, avoiding holes that put an abrupt your trip. Gizmos around evergreens can affect your fuel gauge: collect more gizmos for ensure your counter does not reach zero, that will end your turn; because of this, Evergreen Ride can be thought of as the "scoring-chaser" in the game.

In other modes, journey on Sunday, there aren't any sinks to fall; Instead, your goal is simply to get to the end as quickly as possible; time attack, if you will. Gadgets collection makes the car go faster, but there are also special boost and brake contraptions that temporarily will make you go faster or slower, respectively.

The control scheme in Bumpy Road (which is carried through when playing the game for the first time) requires you to move your car by creating bumps on the street with his finger. You can also tap under coach to make it useful to jump platforms and avoiding the final mark holes in the ground.

Reminds me a bit of how you check the skier in Solipskier, * you can actually build a little momentum to make your car go slightly faster, but the frustrating thing is that the screen does not go faster to match your speed. Instead, wait to use that speed to get all devices currently available on the screen is a bit frustrating at first, but we can see why the developers chose to implement the game this way instead of simply allowing players to blaze through levels at breakneck speed.

There is also other aspects of Bumpy Road that appeal: the art direction is really nice, with background graphics depicting a pretty historic centre, as you drive along. The influences of music and sound are pretty big, with bumps that make their way by mimicking the keys of a toy piano. It's all very cute.

Bumpy Road is not an arcade-style shooter a frantic pace, but a more serene setting that is designed to be more casual more severe. Has fantastic Visual effects and has some nice features that might appeal to iOS gamers of all ages. You should buy if you're looking for something a little less serious than Grand Theft Auto, but a different kind of Angry Birds game.

Bumpy Road is $ in the App Store.

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Tuesday morning news

You've heard a lot about the next iPhone, but what's the deal with all iPhones sixth generation rumors so far? Fortunately for you, Ars Technica has put together the pieces to make some sort of bizarre reverse-Humpty Dumpty so can understand just exactly what we know so far about the next iPhone.

Unfortunately, their list is, like Humpty Dumpty, bound to be missing a few pieces here and there due to new information being released all the time. The loss of newer parts shows an assembly mainly intact front display, complete with circuits that hints of NFC implementation is very important.

We also heard about 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display for awhile now, and now that the test is not only benchmarks, with the analyst Richard Sim now saying that the Retina display panel by 13 inches is now being produced by three separate companies.

Speaking of Retina display, Marco Arment has a brief review of the MacBook Pro Retina from the point of view of the owner of a Mac Pro. As for expandability, the two machines could not be any further apart but Marco still says that it is the best computer has ever used.

Shared photo streams are coming as part of iOS 6, that is, as far as we know, still scheduled to be released in a couple of months. Imore explains exactly How Shared workflow picture, including how you'll be able to share your own and add comments to photos.

Apple plans to expand their retail operations in Sweden, with the first Apple store with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, scheduled to open in September. There are also plans for a second store, located in Malmö, set to open in October.

Samsung internal Memo to employees expressed disappointment about the verdict. From what I've read from both companies, both companies did not want to go to Court, preferring to settle or negotiate at least but that begs the question of how bad those out-of-court discussions went in order for both companies end up in court.

Mat Honan putting together its digital life back after his MacBook Air was remotely cancelled, even managing to recover deleted photos of his daughter. Now, companies are beefing up security; Dropbox recently launched two-factor authentication and that Macworld has a guide on how you can do that job.

Launchpad as a feature of Mac OS X Lion, being one of the earliest features included as part of the campaign "Back to Mac" Apple. Is not just a place for launching applications, however, because as it turns out, you can create folders, just like you can on iOS.

Readomator combines the best aspects of Instapaper with podcast: instead of having to actually read articles (ugh, how utilitarian), Readomator transforms your Instapaper queue in podcast episodes you can listen. Looks interesting.

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One more thing 2012-iOS video conference now available

One more thing is a lecture on the art of developing and selling iOS apps. In 2012, we invited the world best iOS developers and designers in Melbourne, Australia:

Raphael Schaad, Flipboard- Winter Wong, Quoord systems- Lee Armstrong, Pinkfroot- Julian Lepinski, Software Debacle- Matt Rix, Trainyard- Adam Kirk, mysterious trousers- Igor Pusenjak, Doodle Jump- Kepa Auwae, Rocketcat Games- Shaun Inman, last rocket- Justin Williams, elements- Dave Howell, Avatron Software- Loren Brichter, Atebits- Karl von Randow, camera +- Layton Duncan, Polar Bear Farm- Neven Mrgan, panic- Jeff Broderick - Sebastiaan de with

Those who attended the Conference, absolutely loved it- just look at the comments that we have received! We also recorded the whole Conference and now you can watch. Here's a trailer:


These videos will inspire you to keep to your idea, work harder on your designs and develop a marketing strategy. Learn from the mistakes of those who have been there and done that. Take solace that mortals can achieve success of the app store. all 17 videos from both days of the Conference is now available for purchase, DRM free and 720 p H264 video, for only $ 49.

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